Mission Statement

It is the mission of Metropolitan Educational Solutions, LLC to lead and create helpful community support networks for vulnerable children, families and individuals. Our strength is guiding these teams in fulfilling the needs and goals of their targeted populations served. Through our use of innovative strategies we have positioned ourselves to merge the “ideals and objectives” of Education and Social Services. With this, our clients learn to be effective and productive populace in their neighborhoods and through the world.

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MES like many other social services agencies are joining the social media wave to showcase and promote the growth made by our clients. We also intend on using the social media space to connect with other agencies in an effort to efficiently provide adequate care to individuals in need.


MES has continued to work diligently in delivering excellent case management services to persons who are homeless and formerly homeless. We are passionate about our commitment to serving others and we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care and support to our clients.